Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc.
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Lorida, Florida 33857
  Highlands County, Florida, is rich with lakes, but the jewel of all of these is Lake Istokpoga.

The fifth largest lake in Florida, this natural lake is one of the best in the country. 

With its great bass and speckled perch fishing, hunting and air boating, this lake deserves to remain as good or better than it is today for our children and grandchildren. 

  Photo courtsey of Ginny Milu
To help insure this happens, a group of concerned people that live around the lake, use the lake, or simply care about the lake, banded together and formed the Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc.

Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association is a nonprofit corporation, formed in August, 1998, duly chartered by the State of Florida.  Our goal is to preserve the quality of Lake Istokpoga for future generations so they can experience all its natural beauty, both the lake and the wildlife that lives in or around it.
  FIO Articles of Incorporation | FOI By-Laws
  We have a dedicated group of officers and directors who represent the association in all its business. 

Additionally, we conduct regular meetings for the membership, publish a newsletter, the Istokpoga Newswire, that will keep you up-to-date on the lake and events effecting it. 

We work with various government agencies to insure they are aware of our members concerns and desires regarding the lake.  Furthermore, we are all volunteers, doing this because we love Lake Istokpoga and want to preserve it. 

If you feel the same about Lake Istokpoga, please consider joining us by submitting a Membership Application.

  The Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc., received the Conservation Organization of the Year Award
from the Florida Wildlife Federation in 2001.
  Photo courtsey of Ginny Milu
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