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Lake Istokpoga Grid Map


To download or print this map Click Here


The link above will bring up a satellite view of Lake Istokpoga. It has a grid overlay that divides the lake into quadrants. The purpose of this map is to help you locate yourself on Lake Istokpoga. There are also GPS coordinates for boat ramps and landmarks.

This will be especially helpful if you find yourself in need of help and want someone to be able to locate you relatively quickly. If you both have a copy of the map all you need to do is tell them the two coordinates and it will provide them with a small, general area of your location.

On the back of the map are useful phone numbers for the police departments, along with number and grid coordinates for the fish camps you might have left from.
Please note that the Highlands County Sheriff's Office are the only police units that respond to emergencies on Lake Istokpoga!

The Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc. is providing the maps as a free download to anyone who wants one.

Our intent is to provide a useful tool to help make Lake Istokpoga a safer lake for all who use it.  We offer laminated copies of the map available at our quarterly meetings for a $3.00 donation, or by mail (see right) for $4.00 ($3 donation, plus $1 shipping). These laminated copies will prove especially useful in your boat.

  To order by mail:

Please mail your donation of $4.00 per copy (includes $1.00 for shipping costs), along with your return address to:

Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association, Inc.
Grid Map
P.O. Box 205
Lorida, FL 33857-0205

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Friends of Istokpoga Lake Association is thankful to everyone in Highlands County government that helped us with this project.

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